CUHK LeggedRobot Lab

CUHK LeggedRobot Lab

A LeggedRobot Group from Prof. Yun-Hui Liu Lab

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

About Us

The CUHK-Legged-Robot Lab focuses on bio-inspired legged robots and aims at both designing and controlling of legged robots from Prof. Liu team. Inspirations from control and intelligence of human and animal world are taken to find better solutions. Our goal is to build legged robot systems with efficient mobility, high autonomy, and reliable human-robot interaction abilities.

  • Optimal Control
  • Legged Robot Control
  • Reinforcement Learning In Robotics
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Wheeled-legged robot


Recent Publications

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GenLoco: Generalized Locomotion Controllers for Quadrupedal Robots
An Optimal Motion Planning Framework for Quadruped Jumping


Quadruped robot walking like lizard with two point feet
A research topic focus on using optimization approaches to give quadruped robot two point feet walking ability.
Quadruped jumping with optimal control
A research topic focus on using optimization approaches to give legged robot jumping ability.

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If you have interesting in legged robot, you can contact us (FYP, RA, MSC or Future PhD Student).